Saturday, July 21, 2018

This Is Not A Drill: We're In A Constitutional Crisis

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Before I get into the particulars of our current constitutional crisis, I think it would be helpful to share the definition of the term. We've all been hearing it batted around a lot lately.

"A constitutional crisis is a situation that a legal system's constitution or other basic principles of operation appear unable to resolve; it often results in a breakdown in the orderly operation of government. Often, generally speaking, a constitutional crisis is a situation in which separate factions within a government disagree about the extent to which each of these factions hold sovereignty." - Wikipedia

Trump believes he has unlimited power, and has spent his presidency attacking America's entire intelligence community.

Trumps actions at the Helsinki Summit could arguably be called treasonous, and in violation of the Oath of Office he took by aiding and abetting a hostile nation against the U.S.

Trumps responses to Congressional outrage after the disastrous meeting was best. He continues to walk back public comments he made, but with less enthusiasm every day.

Trump instructed his puppet Bolton to invite Putin for tea in Washington this Fall. Despite the furor the first meeting brought.

 Remember, this is the man who interfered with our election, and continues to interfere. He considers us the enemy. His human rights record is deplorable. He's a murderer, and a thug trying to restore Russia's supremacy in Europe.

And Trump still invited him.

Trump has lied an average of six times a day since he's been in office. The public doesn't know what to believe because he's been pushing a fake news theory that is threatening the free press credibility here, and abroad as eager dictators follow his vile example.

Trump's corrupt history is surfacing in civilian courts regularly. The latest is New York's investigation of the Trump Foundation and it's fraudulent practises.

In the public realm... There's a playboy model, Karen McDougal, currently in the news with her lawsuit against Trump. 
There's a porn star, Stormy McDaniel, whose lawsuit against Trump is getting a lot of attention because Trump's fixer Michael Cohen is flipping on his old boss who he feels abandoned him.

An emoluments lawsuit is moving forward against Trump. A federal judge ruled that attorneys general from Maryland and Washington DC have legal standing to proceed.

I could go on, but I think my point has been made. Compare the list above with the definition of a Constitutional Crisis. How many violations did you count?

Time for me to walk on down the road...  

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