Wednesday, July 18, 2018

As The Liar Turns: Donny Doubles Down Despite GOP Concerns

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The reactions of GOP lawmakers yesterday to Trump's (in his mind)triumphant return from Helsinki were cowardly, despite some grumbling and apologies to America's allies for what he said.

Trump committed treason at Helsinki. It'll be forever referred to as the "Surrender Summit.That's the long and short of it, but not the whole story. 

Trump's ties to Putin's Russia go back long before he ran for office. His admiration for Putin has been on display since he held a beauty contest in Russia and hobnobbed with Russian oligarch's. 

After Helsinki, and Trump's stubborn defense of Putin, it no longer looks like admiration. It appears to be fear. Fear that whatever Putin has on him will be released for the world to see.

Why go against his own advisers and intelligence community so blatantly on the world stage next to Putin? One would think he'd realize it could be political suicide.

Members of our intel system (17 agencies) suspect Trump has been compromised.

It's called Kompromat by the Russians.

As American intelligence agencies have been saying all along, the Russians tried to compromise the 2016 election. Until Mueller's investigation concludes we won't know how complicit Trump campaigners (and Donny himself) were with the Russian efforts.

In a classic Trumpian moment, our Orange-Tinged Clown-In-Charge tried to take back what he said at Helsinki yesterday. His excuse that he misstated a sentence was so weak GOP lawmakers tried to find holes somewhere in the Capitol Building to hide in. It wasn't pretty.

Mitch McConnell "one of Trump's Bitches" reacted to the Helsinki Suck-Up by announcing to Europe that the US is still their buddy. Regardless of what the president of the United States said standing next to a dictator. Awkward.

Maybe the groundswell I heard about yesterday will grow, and people will DEMAND to see All of Trump's Tax Returns. Those same returns he pledged to release if elected. The same returns that Trump claims Americans aren't interested in.

Guess what? We are interested in Trump misusing the powers of his office (and lying daily) to derail all of his ethic violations, and calls for his tax returns. 

I'd make a bet the country wants to know a lot more about what Trump has been doing to destroy our democracy in an insidious cover up to protect his fat ass against whatever Putin has on him.

This is a moment in our history that someday will be described as a milestone in our history - when the president of the United States sold out America.

History will also record what Congress - and especially Republicans - did to take back our country, and restore our standing in the world community.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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