Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Fact-Free Presidency: Trump Tiptoes Through The Tulips

Good Day World!

Do you remember Tiny Tim?

He was a wacky musician/singer whose best remembered for his hit "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" sung in a high falsetto/vibrator voice.

The thing about Tiny Tim was that he was so foolish, and so off-key, he became a celebrity. He actually had a lot of followers back in the day.

His followers liked the fact that he was outrageous and that his act was far from being mainstream. He seemed to mock all musical conventions.

Enter Tiny Hands Trump.

You probably can see the similarities between Chump and Tiny Tim without me pointing them out.

The big difference between the two men is that one loved life and people, and the other loves money and power.

As we watch Rump roll over the truth daily, there lies an inescapable fact; he's hell bent on destroying the republic and getting richer.

With the drooling red-nosed Steve Bannon guiding him, Lump is all about destroying the framework of our society. Creating chaos.

In Rump's fact-free presidency we see what he wants us to see. Chaos. 

Tiny Tim's time on earth was spent stretching perceptions without pressure. His music was playful and chaotic.  

Hump lumbers through fields of facts like a drunk hippo.   

But I digress...

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

From Russia With Love: Dear Comrade Trump...We're Waiting

Good Day World!

I have a message for our first illegitimate president from the Russian Ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak:

"Dear comrade Trump,

WTF! We're waiting!

I can tell you Daddy Putin is very angry at his Donny. No sanctions have been lifted yet. No one's even talking about it.
This was not the agreement as you well know, you capitalistic dog!

Listen closely. I know you have trouble focusing at any one thing for very long, but this is important. 

Putin loves his Donny. He doesn't want to have to share those films that depict you getting pissed on by a group of Russian prostitutes. Remember the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow?

Yea, that's the one. Boy did you party hearty!

So here's the thing my orange-skinned comrade; send our boy - and yours - Rex Tillerson over here on a diplomatic mission.

When he comes back his findings will be positive and he'll recommend lifting sanctions. Next, you have to bully Congress into being more friendly towards Daddy Putin.

By the way...remember when our spy ship sat off the United States' eastern seaboard minding its own business in international waters?

When the capitalistic dog press asked you about it you said, "Bad. Bad. Bad." Don't suddenly try to get tough with us potato face. That wouldn't be wise.

You may think that all we have are those films of you getting pissed on by paid bimbos. You'd be wrong. There's more. Lots more.

We look forward to conducting many business deals in the future with you Mr. Trump.

From Russia with love..." - Sergey Kislyak

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Monday, March 13, 2017

We Have To Wait Longer Before Finding Out If Trump is Lying About Obama Wire-Tapping Trump Tower

                                           Good Day World!

Today is was going to be the showdown.

But this happened:
Justice Asks For More Time On Wiretap Claim

Thump's main attack dog, Sean Spicer, has laid out another alternate fact if Trump's lie is exposed. 

He told the press Sunday that there's a double-standard in media coverage when it comes to the Trump administration.

In essence, Chump and cronies are going to say FBI Director Comey is lying when he testifies, and they'll stick with the big lie.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said in an interview Sunday that he has not seen anything to suggest former President Obama wiretapped Lump during the 2016 election, but that what Mr. Trump tweets is “outside of [his] control” and that the congressional investigation will clear up the truth.

We can only hope. 

Based upon Chump's record thus far, he's not going to back down and will even double-up on his lie. Then what?

At what point are Republicans in Congress going to grow a pair of balls? The partisan cowards have unleashed a scourge upon democracy, and now the chickenshits don't know what to do.

What they should do is start impeachment proceedings as soon as the evidence proves Lump is lying...again. 

Let's see if our illegitimate president can weasel out of this lie. So far, he's batting 100 when it comes to suffering consequences for his daily lies.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Another Russian Link: DNC Hacker Guccifer 2.0 Talked With Trump Adviser Roger Stone

Good Day World!

Before Russian becomes our second language, the U.S. better make some serious moves.

First, and most important, is to expose the Trump/Putin bromance (releasing Trump's taxes may help connect these two big boys).

And there's the fact that connections between the Trump campaign and the Russians keep turning up like bad pennies.

There's a lot of smoke thus far with at least six of Trump's campaign staff admitting they did talk with Russians during the election.

Take Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He even lied under oath about having contact with the Russians during the election. 
So far, after he recused himself from the investigations probing Trump's camp and the Russians, he still has a job.

More worrisome is the revelation that Trump adviser Roger Stone admitted to communicating with "Guccifer 2.0" last year.

If you recall, Guccifer 2.0 was the guy that hacked the Democratic National Committee emails. Stone told the Washington Times that his conversations were "completely innocuous."

Really? How stupid are Americans?

We're told that the F.B.I. is investigating, as are the House and Senate intelligence committees. How long will this farce go on before someone gets serious and steps up with the truth?

The U.S. knows Russia interfered with it's election process. The world knows the Russians crossed a line with a direct cyber attack on our democratic political system.

Yet, we have a president who won't say a bad thing about Russia's leader. 

Most recently, Trump turned the other cheek when a Russian spy ship brazenly sat out by our eastern coastline.

Asked to comment on it by the press Trump said, "Bad. Bad. Bad."

Just like his presidency...sad, sad, sad.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Birth of a President: Bluto's Story, a Modern Fable

Good Day World!

Have you heard the story of Bluto and how he became the president of the United States?

No? It may sound familiar, but don't let that bother you. 

In summary; one morning a bird shit on Bluto's toupee and he didn't know it. He was getting out of his car when the loose-boweled bird let go with a orangish-yellow splatter as it flew overhead.

Bluto, who owned  a company that was never unionized, was a bully. In fact, his employees feared him. No one dared to say something negative about Bluto or they'd end up losing their job.

So, when Bluto toured the building with his flunkies by his side, while checking on his employees, he made a comical sight. But no one laughed. Or said that he had bird shit on his head.

He went around all day sporting the spot on his toupee. 

When he came home that night his wife saw the bird shit on his toupee and laughed. "What's that on your head?" she asked while trying to smother her mirth.

Bluto walked over to a mirror and stared at it. Then, instead of getting mad, he boasted, "My employees all love me so much that they didn't want to embarrass me by pointing this out."

The next day when Bluto went to work he was startled to see all of his employees had orangish-yellow splatters on their heads. 

That's when he knew he was special. He could say, or do anything, and they'd support him. It was at this magic moment that Bluto knew he should run for president.

The End

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Friday, March 10, 2017

Trump's Dream Comes True: China Okays 38 Trademarks

Good Day World!

What a day for The Donald!

After decades of trying to get the Chinese government to recognize his trademark name so he could get his stubby fingers into their economic market, his ship came in. 

China's Trademark Office has given preliminary approval to 38 new trademarks, covering everything from hotels to golf clubs, insurance and more.

There's a little problem with this however.

Stump's lawyer Sheri Dillion promised that there would be "no new foreign deals" during his presidency.

Yet, here we are: the Trump Organization, which the president continues to own, is laying the groundwork for business expansion in China.

Kathleen Clark, a government ethics professor at Washington University in St. Louis, told NPR at that time that by giving Trump valuable name rights, Chinese officials may hope they can influence policy decisions.

No kidding.

And that represents a breach of the Emoluments Clause, Clark believes. Other experts agree. It's just not cool having a sitting president getting richer conducting his private business in foreign countries.

Ethics Watchdogs Want U.S. Attorney To Investigate Trump's Business Interests 

This whole affair stinks, like most of Trump's schemes. It was just a short time ago when Trump was campaigning against anything Chinese.

Remember when Chump blamed China for stealing jobs from America? He also accused China of devaluing its currency and engaging in state-sponsored cyber hacking.

I can still remember Thump passionately saying, "Look what China is doing to our country! They are using it as a piggy bank to rebuild China." 

The Associated Press compiled a detailed list of 49 trademarks Trump's lawyers applied for in 2016, even as he railed against China on the campaign trail.

So what changed?

It's simple.

The campaign rhetoric that attracted many people, is proving to be dust in the wind. Lump's love of Russia, and now courting of China, are just good business in his book.

Everything is going according to plan. Stump sold the con to enough voters to have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Now it's a matter of destroying any opposition by building up a wall of supporters willing to forego ethics in exchange for getting key positions in government.

Still, it hasn't been a lay-up.

Some Dump nominees like Michael Flynn have already been ousted, and Chump's choice for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has had to recuse himself from an investigation regarding the Trump team and Russia.

It's Trump vs America. Stay tuned. You may want to practice speaking Chinese, along with your Russian lessons.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Beavis and Butthead Trump Flying High On Taxpayers Money

Good Day World!

Trump's two sons, Eric and Donald Jr., (aka Beavis and Butthead) have been busy sapping taxpayer funds as they conduct business worldwide. 

What a perk eh? 

Yes, I know that the president's family has to be protected and the cost of having the secret service and numerous other agencies is high. I get that. 

I also get that those two boys are billionaires conducting private business (still tied to Trump despite his denials) on the taxpayer's dollar.

It's very difficult to get hard figures for the costs for hotels, travel and overtime, especially for the Secret Service.

Some examples:

In early January, Eric Trump took a trip to Uruguay to check progress on an unfinished Trump tower. 

About a month later, he was in the Dominican Republic, seeing whether an earlier resort project could be revived. 

He joined his brother, Donald Jr., a couple of weeks later at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a Trump-branded golf course in Dubai.

I wonder why Trump's new ban on Muslim countries doesn't included the United Arab Emirates, or Saudi Arabia? Oh wait! Trump has business interests there.

Then the two younger Trumps popped up earlier last week in Vancouver, Canada, for the opening of a new Trump hotel. 

The good news is Chump won't want to build a wall now on the Canadian border because of his new business interest.

So how much taxpayer money are we talking?

The Washington Post estimates that just Eric Trump's Uruguay trip cost taxpayers $97,830 in hotel bills alone.

With less than 60 days in office the Trump boys are already straining financial resources. Imagine what the cost will be after a year of business trips? Wow!

There's no reason that the Trump boys couldn't pay some of the costs when they go on international business trips. Like their lodging for example.

That would be the classy thing to do. But, like their lying sociopath parent, the Trump boys wouldn't think of it.

Security for Melania Trump and son Barron runs about $500,000 daily. If they moved to the White House it would save taxpayers millions.

Trump trips to Mar-a-logo -11 in his first 33 days - have cost taxpayers an estimated $10 million.

That's more than President Obama spent in one year of trips. 

A challenge to all Trump supporters:

Point out one presidential family in our history that's abused these security perks more while enriching the sitting president and his family at taxpayers expense?

Good luck.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Why is Sean Spicer Suddenly So Shy?

                                           Good Day World!

What happened?

Trump's Press secretary, Sean Spicer, has been avoiding the cameras for over a week now.

Instead he's been holding question-and-answer sessions with no cameras allowed, over the objections of the White House Correspondents Association.

Traditionally, Spicer's position calls for him to be the visible face of the administration. 

Right now the administration is hiding it's face which is under fire with investigations over Trump's campaign team and Russia's covert meetings; and now new unfounded accusations about President Obama bugging Trump Tower.

You may have noticed that Chump didn't make a big deal when he rolled out his new immigration ban - no grip-and- grins with cronies happily watching Thump sign his x on the dotted line.

Same for the big announcement that the White House is repealing Obamacare with a new plan. No photo ops of happy Republicans and Lump celebrating their new roll-out for health care.

That might be because some Republicans aren't happy with a few changes  - like what's being proposed - instead of a complete overhaul.

So the administration - from top to bottom - has become camera shy. Spicer is finding it increasingly difficult to defend everything Dump does.

And, as I suspect, he can't handle Melissa McCarthy's imitation of him on SNL. He doesn't want to give her any more visible fodder for her act.

Whatever the reason for his camera shyness is, it must be his alternative universe.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Truth or Tweets? What Should We Believe?

Good Day World!

What's the message going out to the American people these days?

Who should they believe? 

Donald Trump, or America's entire Intelligence community?

Is proof enough anymore? Don the Con and his loyal followers don't think so. It's trivial in Trump Land.

Without a shred of evidence, Chump accused President Obama of wire-tapping him.

The reason was obvious, he was feeling the heat from the investigation on Russia interfering with the election. Five of his cronies were discovered to have talked with Russians during his campaign.

So he tweeted. His anger apparent. His ego bruised. He did the one thing he's always done; deflect. No matter that it was a lie. He just had to derail the headlines about Russia and ties to his presidential campaign by introducing a new supposed scandal.

He was that desperate. Now he can't win. Or, can he?

If he was wiretapped then it means there was reason to, and it had to come from the intelligence community - not the president. Not good news for Lump.

If no evidence supports his claim, then his presidency becomes more shaky by the day. There's a paper trail. Of that we can be sure.

As the Republican party and the White House turn to the sources involved and discover Trump was lying about Obama wire-trapping, the course is clear.

Impeach him. At the very least, a libel suit should be filed.

Let's see who wins out. Truth...or tweets from a sociopath. The fate of the Republic depends upon the answer.

Analysis: Does Obama Have Grounds To Sue Trump For Libel?

Time for me to walk on down the road...  

Monday, March 6, 2017

Deflector-In-Chief Tweets Alternative News Based Upon His Bigly Imagination

Good Day World!

I'm still chuckling about those foolish souls who thought Trump would grow up and act like an adult when he got elected president.

Republicans cravenly embraced Chump even though they knew he was a vicious child with a gigantic ego.

They were reminded of this Saturday morning when the Deflector-In-Chief tweeted trash about President Obama and claimed he wire-tapped Trump Tower.

The deflection was obvious. Thump was melting down because of the ongoing investigations over his campaign team's collusion with Russia.

The irony of some Republicans calling for an investigation on Obama's alleged illegal wire-tapping is thick as a brick. Here's why:

If there is an investigation into the tapping of Trump Tower and it turns out that it was done legally with a judge's permission, the shit will hit the fan for Chump and company.

You gotta be doing something wrong to get that judge's order. Unlike Rump, Obama played by the rules and crossed his t's and dotted his I's. 

Meanwhile hard core Lump supporters are eagerly talking up the new narrative about Obama on alt-right websites like Breitbart and InforWars.

This latest attempt to deflect the Russian narrative is classic Dump. He's used this method of getting around the truth throughout his life.

That, and never admitting that he lies. Even when caught red-handed. However, if this time his connections to Red Communist Russia are revealed that ploy won't work.

That's when reality will catch up to the ex-reality star trying to imitate an American president.

Time for me to walk on down the road.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Extreme Vetting Needed For Trump Appointees

                                           Good Day World!

Senate Democrats have been fighting an uphill battle in the political nominee appointment process because of lack of cooperation from Trump's cronies.

Because the Democrats are outnumbered at least two (that we know of) of the confirmed appointees have been caught colluding with the Russians during the recent presidential campaign.

Michael Flynn is gone. Jeff Session's feet are being held to the fire after he was caught lying about his contact with a Russian Ambassador.

Trump appointees seem to have a problem with remembering things during confirmation.

Some examples:

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price told Congress that the discount shares he purchased in a biotechnology company were available to all investors.
In truth, he was one of “fewer than 20″ people who received a “privileged offer” to purchase the shares

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin testified that the bank he headed during the mortgage crisis did not engage in “robo-signing” — i.e. employees routinely signing foreclosure documents “without actually knowing whether the facts contained in those documents were correct” — despite pages upon pages of evidence that it did.

 Senate Republicans also jammed through Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt’s confirmation before the release of emails showing him in close coordination with oil and gas interests while he was Oklahoma’s attorney general.

Senate Democrats need to continue resisting the wall of cronies Trump is putting up around himself. 

They've said all along that the Republicans have been trying to jam their appointees through the confirmation process without proper vetting.

Look what's happen so far.

In fact, Trump nominees should undergo an extreme vetting because of their propensity to lie. That based upon their history thus far.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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