Monday, March 6, 2017

Deflector-In-Chief Tweets Alternative News Based Upon His Bigly Imagination

Good Day World!

I'm still chuckling about those foolish souls who thought Trump would grow up and act like an adult when he got elected president.

Republicans cravenly embraced Chump even though they knew he was a vicious child with a gigantic ego.

They were reminded of this Saturday morning when the Deflector-In-Chief tweeted trash about President Obama and claimed he wire-tapped Trump Tower.

The deflection was obvious. Thump was melting down because of the ongoing investigations over his campaign team's collusion with Russia.

The irony of some Republicans calling for an investigation on Obama's alleged illegal wire-tapping is thick as a brick. Here's why:

If there is an investigation into the tapping of Trump Tower and it turns out that it was done legally with a judge's permission, the shit will hit the fan for Chump and company.

You gotta be doing something wrong to get that judge's order. Unlike Rump, Obama played by the rules and crossed his t's and dotted his I's. 

Meanwhile hard core Lump supporters are eagerly talking up the new narrative about Obama on alt-right websites like Breitbart and InforWars.

This latest attempt to deflect the Russian narrative is classic Dump. He's used this method of getting around the truth throughout his life.

That, and never admitting that he lies. Even when caught red-handed. However, if this time his connections to Red Communist Russia are revealed that ploy won't work.

That's when reality will catch up to the ex-reality star trying to imitate an American president.

Time for me to walk on down the road.

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