Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Why is Sean Spicer Suddenly So Shy?

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What happened?

Trump's Press secretary, Sean Spicer, has been avoiding the cameras for over a week now.

Instead he's been holding question-and-answer sessions with no cameras allowed, over the objections of the White House Correspondents Association.

Traditionally, Spicer's position calls for him to be the visible face of the administration. 

Right now the administration is hiding it's face which is under fire with investigations over Trump's campaign team and Russia's covert meetings; and now new unfounded accusations about President Obama bugging Trump Tower.

You may have noticed that Chump didn't make a big deal when he rolled out his new immigration ban - no grip-and- grins with cronies happily watching Thump sign his x on the dotted line.

Same for the big announcement that the White House is repealing Obamacare with a new plan. No photo ops of happy Republicans and Lump celebrating their new roll-out for health care.

That might be because some Republicans aren't happy with a few changes  - like what's being proposed - instead of a complete overhaul.

So the administration - from top to bottom - has become camera shy. Spicer is finding it increasingly difficult to defend everything Dump does.

And, as I suspect, he can't handle Melissa McCarthy's imitation of him on SNL. He doesn't want to give her any more visible fodder for her act.

Whatever the reason for his camera shyness is, it must be his alternative universe.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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