Sunday, March 5, 2017

Extreme Vetting Needed For Trump Appointees

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Senate Democrats have been fighting an uphill battle in the political nominee appointment process because of lack of cooperation from Trump's cronies.

Because the Democrats are outnumbered at least two (that we know of) of the confirmed appointees have been caught colluding with the Russians during the recent presidential campaign.

Michael Flynn is gone. Jeff Session's feet are being held to the fire after he was caught lying about his contact with a Russian Ambassador.

Trump appointees seem to have a problem with remembering things during confirmation.

Some examples:

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price told Congress that the discount shares he purchased in a biotechnology company were available to all investors.
In truth, he was one of “fewer than 20″ people who received a “privileged offer” to purchase the shares

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin testified that the bank he headed during the mortgage crisis did not engage in “robo-signing” — i.e. employees routinely signing foreclosure documents “without actually knowing whether the facts contained in those documents were correct” — despite pages upon pages of evidence that it did.

 Senate Republicans also jammed through Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt’s confirmation before the release of emails showing him in close coordination with oil and gas interests while he was Oklahoma’s attorney general.

Senate Democrats need to continue resisting the wall of cronies Trump is putting up around himself. 

They've said all along that the Republicans have been trying to jam their appointees through the confirmation process without proper vetting.

Look what's happen so far.

In fact, Trump nominees should undergo an extreme vetting because of their propensity to lie. That based upon their history thus far.

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