Monday, March 13, 2017

We Have To Wait Longer Before Finding Out If Trump is Lying About Obama Wire-Tapping Trump Tower

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Today is was going to be the showdown.

But this happened:
Justice Asks For More Time On Wiretap Claim

Thump's main attack dog, Sean Spicer, has laid out another alternate fact if Trump's lie is exposed. 

He told the press Sunday that there's a double-standard in media coverage when it comes to the Trump administration.

In essence, Chump and cronies are going to say FBI Director Comey is lying when he testifies, and they'll stick with the big lie.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said in an interview Sunday that he has not seen anything to suggest former President Obama wiretapped Lump during the 2016 election, but that what Mr. Trump tweets is “outside of [his] control” and that the congressional investigation will clear up the truth.

We can only hope. 

Based upon Chump's record thus far, he's not going to back down and will even double-up on his lie. Then what?

At what point are Republicans in Congress going to grow a pair of balls? The partisan cowards have unleashed a scourge upon democracy, and now the chickenshits don't know what to do.

What they should do is start impeachment proceedings as soon as the evidence proves Lump is lying...again. 

Let's see if our illegitimate president can weasel out of this lie. So far, he's batting 100 when it comes to suffering consequences for his daily lies.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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