Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Truth or Tweets? What Should We Believe?

Good Day World!

What's the message going out to the American people these days?

Who should they believe? 

Donald Trump, or America's entire Intelligence community?

Is proof enough anymore? Don the Con and his loyal followers don't think so. It's trivial in Trump Land.

Without a shred of evidence, Chump accused President Obama of wire-tapping him.

The reason was obvious, he was feeling the heat from the investigation on Russia interfering with the election. Five of his cronies were discovered to have talked with Russians during his campaign.

So he tweeted. His anger apparent. His ego bruised. He did the one thing he's always done; deflect. No matter that it was a lie. He just had to derail the headlines about Russia and ties to his presidential campaign by introducing a new supposed scandal.

He was that desperate. Now he can't win. Or, can he?

If he was wiretapped then it means there was reason to, and it had to come from the intelligence community - not the president. Not good news for Lump.

If no evidence supports his claim, then his presidency becomes more shaky by the day. There's a paper trail. Of that we can be sure.

As the Republican party and the White House turn to the sources involved and discover Trump was lying about Obama wire-trapping, the course is clear.

Impeach him. At the very least, a libel suit should be filed.

Let's see who wins out. Truth...or tweets from a sociopath. The fate of the Republic depends upon the answer.

Analysis: Does Obama Have Grounds To Sue Trump For Libel?

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