Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Where is it Safe in America?

Today's challenge: tell me where it's safe to go in America?
I would really like to know where we can go without becoming a "soft target?"
Churches aren't the safe sanctuaries they were when I was growing up in the fifties and sixties.

Supermarkets aren't safe. Movie theatres aren't safe. Parks aren't safe. Schools are no longer safe. Concerts and Jazz festivals aren't safe. It's not safe in malls or amusement parks either. 

Parades are not safe - even on the 4th of July. Look what happened yesterday in Highland Park, Chicago. The city parade became a killing zone as six people were killed and 31 more were wounded and sent to nearby hospitals.

Marathons and sporting events are not safe from random killers with AR-15 type platforms designed for combat. State and country fairs aren't safe. And the list goes on.

The terrible and sad answer to the question is - It's not safe anywhere in America. There are no sacred grounds and places to go where you know you're going to be safe from armed maniacs on a mission.

It's our own damn fault.

The United States is the gun capitol of the world. No other nation's citizens are outnumbered by guns. We lead the world in mass killings and lack of gun laws. The result is the hellscape we now face the moment we step outside our door.

It's infuriating to know that an extreme minority of Americans have stopped any chance of treating and curing the gun virus in our society. Republicans beholden to the NRA will make sure the problem of guns will never go away. This Faustian pact is why it's always going to be easier to get a gun than a driver's license.

Until this nation unites on gun safety laws (and the states get proactive enforcing them), we're doomed to always being the most dangerous country in the world.

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