Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Are You Extremely Proud to be an American? Then You're in the Minority

Just 36% of Americans recently told Gallup pollsters they were extremely proud to be an American. 

That's the lowest percentage since Gallup started asking the question at the beginning of this century, and it continues a long-term decline of national pride.

Where has our national pride gone? Long time going.

Fifty-five percent of Americans said they were extremely proud to be Americans before 2015. It was the highest reading during a time of patriotism surging throughout the country after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

There's still a majority of Americans that are proud to be American. Just not extremely proud. 

This measure of change varies over the years and is affected by factors like the economy, the popularity of a sitting president, and high-profile national events such as the 9/11 terrorists' attacks.

It should come as no surprise that all three political parties have become less inclined to say they are proud of their country. That can be attributed to deepening political divisions and party gridlock in Washington. 

Throw in national challenges regarding race relations, an insurrection by a former president and inflation and you have a recipe for an unhappy country.

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