Monday, June 21, 2021

Stuck In An Age of Heroes and Hypocrites Vying For The Nation's Soul

Far from an Age of Enlightenment: The Age of Reason, 21st century America is showing cracks in the foundation of our democratic society.

Unbelievable as it may sound, people are increasingly questioning reality. Politicians are telling the masses not to believe what they see or hear, unless it comes from Trump.

The nation is so polarized that lies become people's truths in a bizarre twist of partisanship gone batshit crazy.

Trump and his minions tried to steal the election last year and failed. But that didn't stop them from denying the reality of Biden's legitimacy.

The Republican Party/aka the Party of Trump, has chosen one man to be leader for life. By resurrecting Trump's putrid presidency his followers believe they're saving America from a long list of enemies ranging from Communists to liberals.

I've watched heroes - like Republican lawmakers in Georgia stand up to Trump and his acolytes as they tried to disenfranchise the state's voters with blatant lies.

I've watched a slew of hypocrites in both political parties, as lawmakers seek to stay in office by whatever means becomes available.

It's particularly irksome to watch lawmakers like Sen. Lindsey Graham flat-out lie (with videos available proving he lied), and he still gets a pass from the right-wingers that have infected the GOP.

If anything, Graham was just polishing his conspiracy disinformation creds to stay in good standing with the cult of Trump.

This is the first time in my 70-years that I'm this concerned about the demise of democracy and being forced to live in an authoritarian state.

The thought is inconceivable. But not impossible. Millions of Americans are attacking our electoral system and living in a state of denial who their president really is.

That's a breeding ground for another civil war that can only end in a loss for all Americans and our republic. 

The number one threat to America is domestic terrorists (particularly White Supremacists), and our former president who doesn't believe in reality, choosing instead to further false narratives to stay in power.

As a military veteran who fought for this country, my disappointment in the current challenge the nation faces, is vast and without precedent. 

My fervent wish before I die is for my children, grandchildren, and future generations to spend their lives free in a democracy.

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