Wednesday, June 23, 2021

How The Crazies Found Their Voice in America

I miss the good old days when the crazies in our society wore tinfoil hats and communicated with aliens from another galaxy.

Whenever they surfaced from their basements and hidey holes in the past, the crazies were treated with kid gloves and patted on the head. They were considered harmless kooks who didn't threaten anyone.

If they did threaten, or even harm someone, they were locked up in criminal mental institutions and given drugs to be docile until death. Never to be a threat again to humanity.

Fast forward to now.

The crazies found their voice with Trump. Who knew that there were millions of crazies in the country?

Part of me is in denial that this many crazies have infected every aspect of American life and are now seriously threatening our democracy.

Can't just blame Trump however. 

All the crazies were waiting and just needed a national leader to unify the cults (QAnon, etc.), the militias, the Christian Nationalists, the White Supremacist's, the Neo Nazis, and anarchists, and Trump was the Chosen One.

And why not? Trump could get away with openly lying and altering reality to address every fear that the country's crazies have been nursing for years.

No more laughing at the tin hat crowd.

They're busy suppressing voter's rights on a national scale and claiming the Jan. 6th insurrection was no more than some rowdy tourists overrunning the Capitol to "defend" democracy.

In retrospect I should have seen this coming when Trump went after Obama with the bullshit claim he wasn't born in America, and therefore couldn't be the president of the United States.

It was this early recruitment of the crazies that set the stage for the assault on democracy that we're witnessing today.

There's only one way to fight back. Stop the crazies from turning America into an autocracy by protecting our electoral system and voting them out of political offices.

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