Sunday, March 28, 2021

Immigrants From South America Have Always Been a Burden to Presidents

For decades the U.S. has been trying to control the amount of South Americans illegally crossing the border.

Biden's challenge with illegal immigrants is nothing new. To hear the Republicans talk, Biden is blowing it on the border. Some Democrats agree.

Rather than looking at the ups and downs of past administrations Biden is taking flak because he hasn't solved the problem in his first 72 days.

He'd be the first to do so. No other president has come up with an answer to the constant flow of illegal immigrants.

Trump tried and violated basic humanity by separating children from their parents. He built part of a wall that serves no other purpose than being a curiosity and waste of taxpayer money.

The damn wall didn't do a thing towards solving the problem. It only enriched rip-off Trumplican contractors.

So why is Biden catching so much shit on the subject?

He's taken a humane approach to the challenge and allowing unaccompanied children to enter. But the human approach has had it's fallbacks.

It gives the Republicans a can to kick around throughout Biden's presidency. 

By attacking Biden's approach without even giving it a chance, the opposition is managing to divide more Americans daily.

Rome wasn't built in a day. Solving decades old problems is not going to happen in a mere 72 days. That's reality.

The administration's new approach faces numerous hurdles because the nation is so divided on the subject.

As living conditions continue to get worse in South America the challenges to immigration are going to be an ongoing theme.

No administration has come up with an answer yet. That everyone expects Biden to be the savior is unrealistic.

Without massive reforms in South America we will always face this challenge.

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