Sunday, January 17, 2021

Parting Observations About Trump Leaving the White House

Parting will be such a pleasure... 

watching Trump being trotted out (thrown out, drug out forcibly, violently expelled, or escorted by a police dog pulling on a leash around his neck) from the White House next Wednesday.

It's a miracle democracy survived four years of Trump's best efforts to destroy it. 

His constant discrediting of science led us to where we are in the COVID-19 battle - the MOST CASES IN THE WORLD.

Americans are now looking to Biden for a coordinated plan to help ALL THE STATES (not Red or Blue states) administer a rapid and safe vaccine infrastructure.

After January 20th 

at noon, Trump is OPEN GAME for hundreds of lawsuits, including a felony charge from the New York AG of cheating the IRS.

I'm amused at watching Trump minions jump ship as he belly flops his final days away feeling sorry for himself.

I just received an alert that there's a video of Trump being dragged from The White House... early?

Good Riddance Diaper Don! 

America isn't going to miss you a bit. Okay. With the exception of the hardened cult followers who've been forced to retreat to their caves and parents basements because Big Tech got tired of their lies and pulled their hate platforms.

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