Thursday, January 21, 2021

Day One: Time To Save America From Flat Earthers

President Biden began his first hour in office yesterday by targeting COVID-19 with a mask mandate for federal properties.

It was followed by a slew of executive orders overturning Trump's years of damage.

It was a start.

Many battles lie ahead to make Americans safe from the deadliest pandemic in over a 100 years. Challenges from anti-vaxxers, aka flat earthers, will make it a harder fight.

Today the Biden administration is preparing to invoke the Defense Production Act to fast track vaccine production. 

Biden's newly assembled medical advisory team is busy unraveling the mess left behind by Operation Warp Speed

The Biden team has their work cut out for them overcoming the lies spread by Trump minions that were attached to real scientists on the team.

Trump's flat earthers - are gone but the damage lingers.

Americans have to become reacquainted with reality. Science needs to become respected again - not mocked by political morons in positions of power.

Health experts worldwide state that face masks must be worn to in order to fight the spread of COVID-19, and it's evolving variants (up to five now).

The good news is we have a president and administration that understands how important face masks are in combating the spread of the coronavirus.

From Biden on down, they'll be modeling the wearing of face masks as a patriotic thing to do. Leading by example is the best form of leadership.

As for the other flat earthers Trump embedded into government agencies - like the EPA - they'll need to be weeded out and replaced with scientists - not political cronies who thrive on conspiracies.

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