Monday, January 18, 2021

At Least 1 Museum Will Remember Trump's Time in Office

               The British beat us to it.

The infamous Donald Trump baby blimp has found a permanent home in a London museum. I'm really bummed that they beat us to the punch.

The iconic 20-foot-high inflatable became a symbol of defiance since it first flew over London when Trump came to visit in 2018.

I watched with delight as Baby Trump went on a world-wide tour giving citizens of every country a look at the angry orange diaper-clad infant made in Trump's image.

The museum's director, Sharon Ament told Newsweek that the Trump blimp was a shining example of political satire. She expressed the hope that future generations will understand that the blimp was a symbol of resistance to Trump's regime.

Diaper Don is joining the "protest collection" which comprises objects hailing from century-old Suffrage movement to banners and placards from more recent climate-crisis rallies.

Trump wanted his place in history. Well now he has it. 

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