Saturday, January 16, 2021

A Parody: Where The Trump Trolls Are

After the major social media platforms booted out crazed Trump supporters for their seditious acts, they've been scrambling for hidey holes on the internet.

Trump's online minions have retreated to obscure extremist platforms that most people aren't even aware of. Using encrypted chat sites the demoralized traitors are treading water, hoping for better days ahead.

I can't help seeing some humor in the right-wing exodus. For example, here's a brief parody of the Connie Francis hit song "Where the Boys Are."

Where The Trolls Are

"Where the trolls are, someone waits for me

Trump's orange face, his slimy embrace, and tiny hands shaking me tenderly

Where the trolls are, my master Trump will be

He's walking down Pennsylvania Avenue and I know he's looking for me

in the crowd of thousands, I'll find my valentine

And then I'll climb to the Capitol Building and tell the world he's mine."

It's been said that humor is the best medicine. I hope this little dose helps make your day.

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