Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Most Shameful Presidential Transition in History

As Trump slithers out of the White House for the last time - hours before Joe Biden's inauguration on Jan. 20th at noon - his churlish exit will be a final footnote in what has been the worst presidency in American history.

Trump's four-year reign of corruption can be called many things:







Here's a list of Trump's legacies 

He's leaving office without recognizing the next president of the United States like a spoiled child confronted with a reality he can't accept. 

He trampled on every aspect of the traditionally peaceful transition of power (for 150 years), by putting up as many obstacles as he and his minions could come up with to hinder a smooth transfer.

He led a failed coup attempt against our elected lawmakers inside of the nation's capitol. Five died in the resulting riot.

He's been impeached twice, an indignity no other American president ever suffered.

Throughout Trump's reign he encouraged white supremacists by subtly siding with them. 

His hate for minorities resulted in hundreds of Hispanic children being separated from their parents at the border - causing permanent mental harm to some.

He divided our nation into Red States and Blue States, waging war on Democratic governors.

He lied to every American when he said the coronavirus will just "go away" someday and then tried to hide how serious the spread was with more lies.

The sheer volume of Trump's lies - over 20,000 documented - made him the Biggest Liar in our political history.

The above are some of Trump's legacies. 

There were many other assaults on our democracy during his ruinous reign that scholars will be documenting for years to come.

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