Friday, January 22, 2021

Goodbye Hammering Hank Aaron - America Will Miss You

In a time when civil rights are still contested America has lost one of the greatest players in baseball history who used his platform to champion civil rights.

Hammering Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's all-time home run record and he lived life as an ambassador to the game. He was 86 years-old.

Aaron's incredible achievement came in the shadow of hate and death threats from people who did not want a black man to claim such an important record.

Long before Black Lives Matter came on the scene Henry Louis "Hank" Aaron was advocating for equal rights for all.

He went through hell after breaking the record and was taunted daily at ballparks. He received death threats on his life and was sent thousands of racist hate mail.

Hank once said he didn't read them, but saved some for posterity.

As Black Americans continue to fight for their place in society, it's important to remember a man  like Hank. He had little or no support for taking his brave stance on equality.

That didn't matter. He kept on with his advocacy long after he retired. As a matter of fact, right up until his last day on earth. 

Goodbye Hammering Hank - America will miss you. 

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