Thursday, January 14, 2021

The Party of No Responsibility is Facing Consequences for Ignoring the Truth

After Trump's coup attempt last week the party of so-called "personal responsibility" is calling for unity.

Republicans who've been drinking orange Trump Aid have suddenly found themselves in the doghouse with the majority of Americans.

After stroking the fires of sedition GOP lawmakers want us to forget their dirty deeds and to move on.

No one knows the exact amount of Americans who've died as a result of being exposed to anti-maskers, but it must be in the thousands. If not the ten-thousands.

It, the resistance to reality, was fomented by GOP lawmakers in both houses since the pandemic broke out last year.

The most recent example happened when rabid Trump followers assaulted the Capitol building.

While sheltering from the attack six Republicans refused to wear their face masks and mocked Rep. Lisa Blunt who tried to give them masks as they huddled in a small room.

Here's the lineup of idiots who exposed their Democratic colleges to COVID-19: (Three have already come down with the virus.)

Reps. Markwayne Mullin (Oklahoma), Marjorie Taylor Green (aka QAnon moron from Georgia), Andy Biggs (Arizona), Michael Cloud (Texas) Doug LaMalfa (California) and Scott Perry (Pennsylvania).

When confronted about their actions Green's office said, "She does not believe a healthy adult who tested negative a week ago should be forced to wear a mask."

The sheer idiocy in this statement is only superseded by the harm people like Green have done thus far.

Republicans who have played Trump's game of avoiding reality sent (and are sending) a dangerous message to the American public.

If we ever want to recover from the twin disasters - a pandemic and an insurrection - we need to hold the wrongdoers accountable.

Trump has been impeached for a second time. Now it's time to root out his enablers - who are still threatening our democracy within days of a presidential inauguration.

The anti-maskers don't care about who they expose to the virus. They are enemies of this republic. Plain and simple.

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