Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Trump's Last Stand at The Alamo

Ever the showman, Trump is staging a symbolic last stand at Alamo, Texas, near the border today.

The White House says he's going there to mark the completion of 450 miles of wall. 

Just to be clear, the stated goal in 2017 was to construct a wall that stretches 738 miles. The majority of the 450 miles was replacing old, dilapidated barriers.

His rabid followers will see this as a mission completed by their lord and master. The rest of the country will view this visit as a last ditch effort at rallying his dark forces to commit further chaos.

In these waning days of his presidency Trump is pushing federal agencies to obligate funds available for the wall regardless of whether land has been obtained for construction.

These last minute shots against the Biden administration are designed to tie up funds and make the transition more difficult.

Diaper Don is determined to cause as much havoc as possible before being vacated from the White House.

There's little doubt in my mind that both Trump minions and detractors will face off in a tense situation. Let's hope it doesn't end in violence.

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