Sunday, April 26, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 41: A Funny Look at Last Week's Bigly Briefing

Dear Diary,

I'm still laughing after Trump's (now infamous) Lysol cure briefing. 

It was a comedy classic in the style of Commedia dell arte, with Trump as Pantelone.

 A performance worthy of the Theatre of the Absurd shocking medical experts and whoever else witnessed the one-act play. 

The Accolades roll in daily

"A clowning achievement." -Rand Paul  

"Move over Bozo! Trump's in town!" - Matt Gaetz

"Our president's finest moment." - Kellyanne Conway

"Being a stable genius, Trump could be a doctor if he wanted to." Kevin McCarthy

The latest reports about the supposed leader of the Coronavirus Task Farce, Mike Pence, have been about Pence losing his voice during the briefings.

Insiders know it's not permanent because Pence can't go a day without praising Trump.

Quote for the day; "I love'd people I can't stand!!" - Charles M. Schulz

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