Saturday, April 25, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 40: Trump's Lysol Lie and More Dangerous Cures From a World Class Narcissist

Dear Diary,

I almost feel sorry for Trump supporters.


I expect some will be dying soon. 

Not from the coronavirus that they see as a hoax, but by ingesting Lysol! In another surreal Task Face briefing Thursday Trump was pushing Lysol and Light as cures for the coronavirus.

The backlash to Trump's dangerous stupidity was almost instant. The makers of Lysol begged people NOT TO INGEST their product on their website and a series of tweets.

Trump tried, and failed, to get the two healthcare officials at the briefing to go along with his crazed contention that a combination of light "put in the body," and putting a disinfectant "in the body," would be a miracle cure.

Afterwards, the medical world was horrified. 

Republicans and Democrats were both confused and stunned that the president of the United States took a swan dive from reality on national TV. While Republican lawmakers were looking for places to hide to avoid any interviews on Trump's latest cure, Democrats called bullshit on his insane claims.

For most of Trump's life as a pitchman he only had his own reputation on the line. But now, during a pandemic other peoples lives are at risk.

After Trump's dangerous flight from reality, he came back the next day and told Americans that their eyes had lied... and what he really said was done so with sarcasm. One of his propaganda minions told the press Trump's words were taken out of context... which of course, was another lie.

Before peddling his latest snake medicines, Lysol and Light, Trump was selling hydroxychloroquine as a "game changer" cure. 

After studies and healthcare experts knocked that claim down, Trump went in search of another "miracle" cure, which led to him suggesting ingesting Lysol would cure COVID-19.

Trump is a world class narcissist who rejects science and healthcare experts in lieu of political propaganda that he's got the pandemic under control - with plenty of testing - and cures.

No one seems capable of stopping the dangerous misinformation from flowing daily during the Task Farce briefings. The only thing the media can do is to continue  fact-checking him immediately, and wait until he's voted out of office in November.

On the Homefront - Medford, Oregon
**The Oregon Health Authority reported three new deaths from the coronavirus Friday. Confirmed cases are at 2,177. Statewide, the death toll is at 86. Still none in Jackson County where Shirley and I live.

**Some good news - Gov. Kate Brown has ok'd non-emergency medical procedures in a step towards re-opening.

**Donate to a good cause - The Oregon Zoo is asking for $1 million lifeline in emergency fundraising effort.

After reading about a zoo in Berlin, Germany, where zookeepers were going to have to kill some animals to feed the rest because they were out of money for food... I sent a donation.

**Despite taking medication for my vertigo (or whatever I have) I'm just not 100 per cent. Still hard to concentrate. I feel weak and am still walking unsteadily.

Since the governor's decree of opening non-emergency medical procedures, I do have hope that I'll be able to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist in the near future. Pretty sure it's my left inner ear that's the problem. Hopefully, I'll find out soon.

Quote for the day; "The first wealth is health."- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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