Sunday, March 22, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day Seven: It's Time to Stop Watching WH Briefings

Dear Diary,

I watched my last White House Briefing/Coronavirus Task Force farce yesterday.

The propaganda parade stops here.

The vaunted task force is confusing and cringeworthy. And Angry. Trump left early yesterday - leaving the Team to conduct the briefing - because the questions were pissing him off... again.

The only truth speaker, Dr. Fauci, has been doing his best to walk the fine line between the truth, and Trump's alternate reality. I've watched him cover his eyes in disbelief while Trump was ranting on about the Deep State Department to divert questions.


I'll continue to explore the many other news outlets in print and online to stay abreast of this pandemic. It's time to pull the plug on that production.

Random Observations
**I've easily accepted the local, state, and federal restrictions on travel and staying at home. Full disclosure: I have PTSD, and was already pretty much of a hermit despite Shirley's efforts to socialize me.

**Don't be surprised if NY Gov. Cuomo runs for president in 2024. He was trending on twitter #CuomoForPresident yesterday. No surprise. The guy has really been sounding like a capable leader, especially in a time of crisis.

**"The Gambler," aka Kenny Rogers, died yesterday. I enjoyed the movies he starred in that spun off from his iconic song.

On the Home Front - Medford, Oregon

**What great weather lately! Spring has officially sprung with yellow daffodils in our front yard.

**My back is screaming at me today because Shirley and I have been gardening - which involves pulling numerous weeds out of the tropical paradise in the front, and backyard.
I'm not use to the exercise. I'm probably going to whine the rest of the day.

**For the first time in a week, our local Costco ran out of toilet paper and disinfection products. Interestingly enough, our locally-owned and operated grocer store, the Thunderbird, has managed to maintain good supply lines, and every time we checked, they've had toilet paper.

**It must be the good ganja that I smoke. I've been calm ever since the pandemic was recognized in the United States. Staying. Stoned.

**My feeble brain is still having a hard time adjusting to the new reality - NO SPORTS! Especially basketball! The Lakers were on course to win a title with LaBron James, and Anthony Davis. There is no God!

**I have two grandsons that are supposed to graduate from high school this year. Can't help wondering what's going to happen now with all the schools shut down because of COVID 19? These new realities are brutal.

**I'm happy to report that our dogs and cats are thrilled now that Shirley, and I, are homebound. The dogs, in particular, have been expressing their joy by staying very close. Very close.
Final thought

Everything around us is changing. Norms have fallen like threshed wheat during the harvest. 

Humanity is fighting a common enemy. Like it or not, we're all in this pandemic together.

Can't we all just get along?

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