Saturday, March 28, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 13: Pollyana Dreams, Tops Are In, Bottoms Are Out, and Dr. Fauci Doughnots

                                       The Sacramento Bee

Dear Diary,

I woke up today with a real Pollyanna scenario playing in my head like a musical from the 60s.

What if this terrible pandemic brings Americans closer together? What if we actually start treating each other, conservatives and liberals, with respect? 

By the time I finished my first cup of coffee and reality set in while watching the news, the thought of mutual respect among the reds and blues seemed too ridiculous to contemplate.
Moving on...
The days of the week no longer matter.

Today is Saturday, but it might as well be Tuesday. No such thing as work days with weekends to look forward too. On one hand it's kind of liberating. On the other hand, it's another example of the changes in our society because of the coronavirus restrictions.
Odds and ends...
**A pissed-off Trump has finally evoked the Defense Production Act; something he's been hesitant to do for weeks for political reasons.

**Despite the House passing a historically massive relief bill (2 trillion), the stock market plunged yesterday.

**Under signs of the time: Walmart is reporting a run on tops, but no bottoms. The reason why is teleworking. Video conferencing is the way many employers have had to go with their work force isolated at home.

*Hypocrite of the week: New Hampshire Republican Donald Bolduc went on a radio show and said he wouldn't ask people for money. But right beforehand, he sent out an email doing just that!

**Another sign of the times: New York Doughnut shop sells Dr. Fauci doughnuts.

This is how popular the only truth-teller on Trump's Coronavirus Task Farce is. 

*Still another sign of the times: A Missouri woman gave birth in a Walmart toilet paper isle yesterday. I can just hear the overhead sound system announcing the event, "Baby on Isle Seven!" 
On the Homefront, Medford, Oregon

**Alarming news... Oregon state and county health officials reported nearly 100 new coronavirus cases Friday, marking the largest increase of infections in a single day and bringing the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the state to 414.

**I hope the state's Pollyanna assumption is true that if Oregonians stay at home, hospitals appear capable of handling the coronavirus burden.

Listening to stories around the country of overloaded hospitals and front line health care workers dying from lack of protection, has been harrowing.

**Pet talk. These two cuties keep us entertained. 

Mollie is the black pug, and Butters is our Iggy. They're both 7-years old. 

Mollie is a bully, and Butters is very passive. She considers two of our cats, Tommy and Bob, as her kitties, and hangs out with them. 

Our other cat, Oliver (who was born blind) is the king of the roost however. The others - including Mollie - give way to him constantly. Oliver is a loving cat as long as you don't startle him or he'll turn into Edward Sissorhands slashing out indiscriminately.

**Shirley and I have a daily routine that seems to be working out well. It's not easy for her because she is a social butterfly and chronic hugger. 

I suspect we'll have to make adjustments as the days turn to weeks. The hardest part is not knowing when our lives will be restored to normal... whatever that was before the pandemic.

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