Monday, March 23, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day Eight: Officials Say It's Going to be a Bad Week

Dear Diary,

It's hard watching the stories of front-line health workers get sick because they didn't have protection like masks, gowns, and gloves. (photo Getty Image)

It's jarring watching one state governor after another come out and plead for help from the federal government as coronavirus cases in their states expand daily.

It's apparent to all that the Trump administration is failing spectacularly when it comes to coordinating our healthcare crisis and instilling confidence with strong leadership.

Filed Under Disbelief
**As America flounders for badly needed medical supplies from respirators to masks, Trump sent North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un a letter offering to help his government with "anti-epidemic work!

**Congress still hasn't passed the big one trillion dollar relief bill yet! Both sides are playing politics with American's lives!

**Police in Arizona are searching for a man who stole 29 coronavirus test kits! One of many signs of people starting to panic across the country.

**Kentucky senator, and complete asshole, Rand Paul tested positive for COVID 19, making him the third member of Congress to do so.

**There's a plague of prophets predicting the coronavirus is a sign we're in the "end days."

**Watching coverage of the pandemic for too long is not a good idea. I've limited my daily news exposure in an effort to divert my thoughts to more pleasant things... like hobbies. Helps keep up the spirits.

**I've been getting an urge to run out and buy a pack of toilet paper at least once a day in spite of what Shirley and I have already stocked up on. In addition, I'm looking for toilet paper with Trump's face on it!

On the Homefront: Medford, Oregon
**The pain in my back is subsiding from my recent gardening adventures. I'm waiting one more day before tackling weeds again. When I do, I'm going to wear my back brace, which I neglected to do last time (SMH)!

**There's a constant concert going on inside our house these days. Shirley loves music, and although I'm hearing-impaired, I enjoy it too. Seeing her smile makes my day!

**Despite the fact that Medford is a retirement community on steroids, there has only been two confirmed cases of COVID 19 in Jackson County. 

Local authorities/hospitals are being proactive and have set up areas to test for the coronavirus. In addition, there are local PSA's on TV and the radio with links to informative websites.

Staying informed on what's happening in the community is important and comforting.

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