Sunday, March 15, 2020

A Reckoning is Coming: Every Elected Republican Owns the Mess We're In

Good Day World!

They elected him even though they knew he was a con man.

They've coddled him like an intemperate royal toddler.

They've cowered before him in the House and the Senate.

They've willfully gone along with alternate realities to protect his gutting of the government. Slashing the CDC for example.

They've foregone bipartisan traditions.

They've traded truth for his fictional version of events.

They turned their heads the other way when he announced that he was the chosen one and was an expert on EVERYTHING.

Experts and political appointees stand behind him nodding their heads like bobble dolls as he manipulates reality from his stump in the Rose Garden.

To all of those GOP sheep who've been blindly loyal to Trump...  

A reckoning is coming

You can feel it in the air as people panic buy supplies in stores that are having difficulty with dwindling supply chains.

You can hear it in their voices; fear of what's coming next amid this pandemic which has folded up our society like an origami sculpture.

Americans want a president they can trust. Never more so than during a national crisis. Not only has Trump bungled the response to the coronavirus, but he's also spreading misinformation about it.

The reckoning will come in November when voters turn out in record numbers to dethrone their wannabe king.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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