Saturday, March 14, 2020

Trump: A Con Man Without Crowds is Forced to Face Reality

Good Day World!

It's already ugly and is only going to get worse.

Trump's adoring audiences won't be there for him to charge his batteries for the foreseeable future.

After holding 100 rallies since he's been elected, Trump has hit a wall preventing him from getting his fan fix.

No more trolling the democratic primaries. No more arenas where followers can buy Trump's racist and alt-right merchandize and hear his rants first hand.

For the first time in Trump's presidency there are no rallies scheduled for the immediate future. It's an existential threat that even surpasses his concern about the pandemic and the economy.

Trump needs those crowds like he needs oxygen to breath. Without them he's a fish out of water, gasping for life in a hostile world.

His rallies are critical crutches where he needs the accolades to stand up to the reality of the world around him. Trump needs his followers more than they need him!

As America shuts down, as Broadway goes dark, as Disneyland goes dormant and March madness goes poof, Trump at the moment has been stripped of his most potent political strength.

This new political reality for Trump comes at a time when Americans are striving to come together to fight the common enemy - the coronavirus. 

The last thing Trump wants to see is unity. We can count on him to continue to try and divide Americans via his toxic twitter account.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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