Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day Three: Acts of Kindness, Virtual Vaca's, and a Growing Reality

                                          Dear Diary,

It got worse yesterday with the growing reality that we're in for a shitstorm of coronavirus deaths unless the whole country self isolates right now!

The cases of coronavirus increased fivefold since last week. Health officials are telling us that the US is at a tipping point.

It's getting harder to deal with the rapidly changing realities. The thought that the majority of Americans are being urged to stay at home has Orwellian overtones to some people - like me.

Disclaimer: I'm a combat veteran (Vietnam/Cambodia circa 1970) with PTSD. As a matter of experience, I find it hard to trust the government will do anything right.

But there's no choice right now. Trump and his minions were truly alarmed yesterday and have been pulling out the economic stops to stem the COVID 19 tide from engulfing the countries elderly and people with health conditions.

Here in Oregon

There was a couple in their 80s sitting in their car at a Safeway parking lot in Bend, Oregon yesterday working up the courage to ask a stranger for help.

They waited for 45 minutes before asking someone to help them out. You see they were afraid of going inside the store and getting the coronavirus. They desperately needed someone to shop for them. They had no immediate family to help out.

The good news was when the woman finally rolled down the window to ask for help, she picked the right person. A young woman took their money and grocery list, and did the shopping for them, leaving the bags and their change outside the car.

Today's random thoughts

** I heard that there's no cases of humans getting their pets sick if exposed to COVID 19. But...and this is important...if visitors pet your animals they can transfer the virus on the pet's fur - not harming the pet - but possibly harming the owner(s).

** I don't know what to think about the three states (Arizona, Florida, and Illinois) that went ahead with the presidential primaries yesterday even though the other states postponed theirs. Patriots, or idiots?

** Scary to think the future of the rest of the primaries is uncertain.

** I have to admit that I'm not surprised that young people are ignoring all warnings and gathering at traditional spring break spots, like in Florida. They obviously don't get it.

** It lightened up my day when I read about a couple in Australia who were celebrating a virtual cruise for their 53rd wedding anniversary.

Their daughter took pictures of them in their swimsuits, wearing beach robes, sipping cocktails, and sitting in front of a big screen TV watching waves lap up on a beautiful beach somewhere.

Now that's the spirit we all need! 

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