Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day Two: Closed Borders, Curfews, Nation Shuts Down

Dear Diary:

People are panicking. 

Fear hangs in the air like a black shroud over fortress America.

Can't go to Canada now. The border is closed. 

American cities are rapidly becoming ghost towns as the CDC instructs people to stay at home and not to gather in groups larger than 10 people.

Governors are calling for help from the National Guard.

Wall Street panic. The stock market suffered staggering losses yesterday - Dow down by over 10 percent.

Most people are still unable to be tested for COVID 19.

I'm not surprised that some people - especially Trump supporters - are still trying to downplay the pandemic we're experiencing in real time.

It's true. Bad times always brings out bad people. It's not to say that good people don't step up in bad times, but the bad ones make life even more miserable. Like gouging people in a shortened supply chain.

Here in southern Oregon there's only been minor noticeable disruption. My wife and I are not going out unless we have to. We depend on the local news to see what's happening where we live.

For example

Fear mixed with stupid in Newport, Oregon: Residents have been making 911 calls to the local police department because they've run out of toilet paper!

It's surreal watching Trump call for unity of any kind. His embattled health experts are finally getting through to him and a new seriousness is being projected by taking drastic actions to contain the coronavirus.


Our cats and dogs - who are practicing social distancing - have approached Shirley and I with a suggestion; "Stock up on our food!"

I admit to being embarrassed for not thinking about them when Shirley and I went to the store the other day. Don't worry. They have several weeks worth.

Our cat "Bob" was speaking on behalf of the other pets. I slipped him a goodie, and he reassured the rest they'd be taken care of.

Random thoughts

Joe Biden is sounding more presidential every day.

The new "in thing" - is celebrities' announcing they've tested positive for COVID 19.

Hurray for distilleries! Leading the way is Old Fourth Distillery in Atlanta, Georgia, which is now making hand sanitizers and distributing them for free.

Until tomorrow. I'll be safe, smart, and won't fart in closed spaces!

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