Thursday, August 1, 2019

There's More News To Cover Than Just Next Year's Elections

"Caffeine is the foundation for my food pyramid."

Good Day World!

I have news for all the news media in America; there's a  lot more shit going on right now that you should be paying attention to!

This is not an election year. There, I said it for those who were unaware of the fact. We have plenty of time next year to hear about Democratic and Republican candidates.

For those of you who have been closely following over 20 candidates it may come as a surprise that North Korea has launched missles three times last month with the last launch on July 30th.

Seems like that should be something to be concerned with, but Trump doesn't appear to be. Whatever fantasy relationship he thinks he has with Rocket Man has flown the coop as Kim won't even talk with anyone in our government now.

As people are debating about whose more liberal, Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, the grim reaper, aka McConnell, has turned away all efforts by Congress to protect the integrity of our voting system.

Instead of reporters asking Pete Buttigieg why he had a small smear on his forehead, the media should have been focusing on a mass murder during a Californian Garlic Festival by a White Supremist. Three dead, twelve wounded.

Is the Mueller report dead with Democrats? I wonder. Taking their focus off of impeaching Trump and squabbling among themselves over which direction to go with health care - the centerpiece of the debates - doesn't seem very proactive.

Equifax got hacked and the FTC is warning about scam sites. 

There's a lot of daily stories that are getting buried, either by the Democrats running for president, or Trump's insane daily tweets attacking people of color or personal enemies.

It's a matter of the here and now. Because Trump filed for re-election the day he was sworn in, he's been building a war chest throughout his presidency. 

The Democrats are not going to have the campaign funds that Trump will. So the best plan is to unveil as much of Trump's corrupt dealings with foreign powers and obstruction of justice as possible to the people.

The more damning evidence in the mainstream, the better. The conversations should be centered around Trump's racist attacks and constant lies. It's a line Democrats can confidently follow by simply pointing out his tweets.

It seems like all of the Democratic pundits are tone deaf when it comes to todays news. They're too busy prioritizing the gaggle of competitors for the presidency.

I'm already sick of hearing and seeing the candidates everywhere. By next year, I'll probably be so burned out I'll forget to vote! I sure hope that's not true for other potential voters.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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