Tuesday, July 30, 2019

What Trump Sees When he Looks in the Mirror: America's First King

"I've started drinking my coffee in a clear mug, so people know where my tolerance level was at."

                                          Good Day World!

Trump is trying to rule like a king. The wannabe royal seeks blind loyalty from his minions.

His Orangeness has a unique way of making government appointments. It doesn't matter if the person he appoints to a position doesn't know shit about the job as long as he/she is willing to kiss his ring and drink the Trump Aid. 

A good example of that tactic this week was Trump's dismissal of long-time intelligence chief Dan Coates.

He nominated rabid weasel, Rep. John Ratcliffe, whose known for his distain of the intel community, and who put on a one-man show for Trump during the Mueller hearing by acting like a crazed attack dog.

The performance obvisiously pleased Trump, because here we are, Ratcliffe is poised to poison the intel community.

The way King Trump sees it, he now has a way of controlling the intel community to his advantage. With an insider blocking every move to make him accountable, along with AG Barr, the rule of law will be smothered at every turn to favor the orange anus.

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Republicans who morphed into Trumpkins in the last 19 months have infected Capitol Hill with the Trump virus. They've been inserted into power positions like parasites beholden only to their king.

Needless to say, not only is this an assault on our Constitution, but on everything we hold dear and true about being equal and free Americans.

In order to break away from Trump's growing monarchy there's two roads to take.

Impeachment, or vote him out in 2020.

Because of traitor McConnell's death grip on the senate, Trump feels he's above the law because he won't be held accountable with a stacked GOP jury.

Until one or the other happens, we're going to witness more attacks on our judicial system, and Congress, by a racist wannabe king hoping to start a dynasty.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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