Friday, August 2, 2019

How 5 Ohio Cops Who Are Trump Supporters Tried to Frame Stormy Daniels

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Good Day World!

Stormy's back with a vengeance!

After sentencing Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, for his part in a hush-money payoff to stripper Stormy Daniels to keep her talking about her relationship with Trump … the story is still not over.

Trump, and Cohen, were named in a lawsuit regarding the $130,000 payoff to keep Stormy's silence a week before the 2016 election.

Cohen is in jail for his part. Trump remains unindicted because he's a sitting president. Being an unindicted conspirator will probably tie into other investigations on Trump somewhere down the road. 

Meanwhile, Stormy's story didn't end here.

Not long after she publicly said Trump gave her hush money before the election, a group of police officers who were "avowed supporters of Trump" in Columbus, Ohio, entered into a conspiracy to arrest her during a scheduled local performance in retaliation for her comments about Trump.

The plan didn't work. She was quickly released, and after an internal investigation, it was discovered she was set up by five Columbus police officers.

The charges against them run from false arrest, malicious prosecution, conspiracy to violate the Fourth and 14th amendments and abuses of process violating Ohio law.

In June an amended complaint added the city as a defendant, claiming Columbus violated Daniel's rights.

The story isn't over until we see what kind of sentences these rogue officers get. If any. It's hard to tell how far the corruption is in Columbus with cops like that.

The thing that bothers me the most is that sworn officers of the law were willing to break their oaths to help a crooked president who thinks he's above the law. 

How many more Trumpkins are out there willing to violate their oaths of office because of the example the orange anus is setting?

Consider this; those five Trump cult followers are not the only ones out there abusing their positions of power. Trump has made a point out of stacking the courts with his cult followers.

The threat to democracy is real. This story is just one example of how far the rule of law has sunk during the Trump regime.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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