Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Trump Kicks Week Off Retweeting Conspiracy Theory... Then it Got Worst!

Good Day World!

Yesterday morning Americans were greeted by the president of the United States retweeting an insane conspiracy theory.

He's had plenty in the last few years.

 After accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein hung himself in jail, the conspiracy vultures started circling the airwaves.

Enter Trump who gladly jumped on one conspiracy that suggested the Clinton's were behind Epstein's death. Not content with his old "Lock her up" chant against Hillary, he saw this as an opportunity to go after Bill too.

First off, Hillary is living rent-free in Trump's thick head. The orange baboon brings her up constantly in one negative accusation after another.

Then it got worse...

Trump set the wheels in motion to eviscerate the Endangered Species Act, allowing his administration to toss decades of enforcement aside by putting an economic cost on saving a species. 

Stunned environmentalists and experts contend that the changes will speed up extinction for some plants and animals.

But Trump wasn't done...

To round out his Monday, Trump and loyal minion Stephen Miller, came up with a new way to reject legal immigrants. 

Sweeping new powers will enable the orange anus to reject green cards and permanent residency to immigrants who use any government aide.

That's how our president jump-started this week. Expect more of the same today. And the next day...and the next...

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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