Wednesday, August 14, 2019

NRA's Tone Deaf Response To Recent Mass Shootings: Hold a Gun Show

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The NRA's tone deaf response to the recent mass shootings is to have a gun show at Ft. Worth, Texas, Sept.6-8.


Breaking news 4:35 pm PST 6 Philadelphia Police Officers Shot During Ongoing Gun Battle - This is a developing situation.


Texas, the same state that saw Hispanics targeted by a white supremacist with an assault rifle. You'd think that NRA's propaganda producers would be a little more sensitive to what is a nationwide outcry for gun control.

But no. Instead, the NRA is going against what the majority of Americans want - gun control - with a vengeance. The NRA is even ignoring what it's own membership favors - some forms of gun control, according to a national survey conducted by John Hopkins University.

Excerpt: "The results, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, indicate broad support for a variety of gun control measures. About 70 percent of respondents supported bans on military-style semiautomatic weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines, slightly less than the more than 80 percent who backed measures restricting those who could buy guns, such as people with histories of domestic violence or serious juvenile crimes."

It's clear the majority of Americans want some form of gun control, so why can't any measures be passed?

When you have the recipient of the most NRA donations/bribes in the senate, Mitch McConnell, running interference for gun and ammunition makers who are speaking for a majority membership that doesn't agree with them... it's an inside game with stacked odds.

The self-avowed :"Grim Reaper" makes sure no legislation passes in the senate without the okay of his handlers in the NRA.

NRA Corruption Pause: "NRA Agreed to Pay $6.5 million for Wayne LaPierre Mansion"  

Throw Trump's fat ass in the mix because he believes the NRA consists of his base, and there's no way he wants to offend them. Instead, Trump trumpets what he's going to do about the gun problem on twitter, but afterwards next to nothing happens.

Despite being under investigation from everything from money laundering to misplaced funds, the NRA's embattled leadership continues to fight against common sense changes in gun laws.

As long as Trump, and #MachineGunMitch continue to serve the NRA instead of the majority of Americans, we will continue to have mass shootings every day!

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