Thursday, August 15, 2019

Cracks in U.S. Economy Become Chasms As Global Recession Looms

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The only positive note during Trump's regime has been a healthy economy. 

People that loathed the orange ape voted for him because they thought we needed a "businessman" (who turned out to be one of the biggest financial losers in American history by losing 1 billion dollars in a decade) in charge of the country.

Nearly three years into Trump's chaotic administration it's become apparent that his foreign policies are crippling America's economy, and contributing to a worldwide recession.

His America First foreign policy has hurt our own allies and partners in business worldwide. The global economy looks terrible and talk of a recession worldwide is staggering financial markets overseas.

Yesterday the first economic panic button was pushed when the stock market plunged and the Dow fell 800 points.

Worse, when the news came out that 10-year U.S. Treasury notes dipped below the yield of the two-year U.S. notes, it signaled a recession.

It's a rare occurrence described by market watchers as an "inverted yield curve," and the last time we saw it was in 2007, just before the last recession we had.

Trump's foreign policies and trade war with China have set off a series of economic woes worldwide as the European economy faces a recession.

By shaking up markets across the world with tariffs, Trump jump-started what was going to eventually happen anyway:

… a worldwide recession.

What's been happening, even before Trump slithered into office, was a widening schism between China and America - the world's largest two economies.

Trump can't tweet his way out of this reality by giving concessions on tariffs or with some soybean purchases by the Chinese.

The result is a dangerous economic landscape where every global business must learn how to navigate.

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Like in Humpty Dumpty:

Trumpy sat on a wall
Trumpy had a great fall
All of his advisers and men
Couldn't put the economy
back together again...

Time for me to walk on down the road....

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