Friday, August 16, 2019

Republicans Need to Stand Up To Trump's Anti-American Actions

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At this point in Trump's chaotic regime, the only thing that can slow him down is Republican lawmakers.

In particular, GOP senators. 

They hold the key to saving our American values and economy by standing up to Trump's anti-American actions. Only their votes and the Democrats can hold him accountable.

How long can GOP senators stand helplessly on the sidelines like a bunch of cheerleaders from hell?

For the sake of democracy, and everything Americans have traditionally held dear, they have to stop Trump's assault on our system of government and laws.

At what point does the emergency go beyond partisanship?

When Trump tells a country, Israel, that they shouldn't allow two American Congresswomen to visit because he doesn't like their politics... that's overboard. 

There's never been a president in our history that sought to demonize lawmakers who don't agree with him by suggesting they be banned from visiting a country, especially an ally.

It's not normal. Nothing in Trump's chaotic presidency has been normal. He's an unrepentant serial liar out to promote his brand - not America's.

GOP lawmakers have stood by and watched Trump destabilize the world and U.S. economy with his tariff war with China, and other countries. All the signs are pointing to a recession next year.

Trump's racist policies have torn this country apart, and he's busy dismantling all science-based environmental laws while denying global warming is a problem.

The Democrats could impeach him, but without the support of the majority of the senate, it wouldn't go anywhere.

If there's any real Republicans still in office, the country needs you to stop this slippery slide into America's end days.

Are their any real patriots left in the GOP? Let's see.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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