Saturday, March 2, 2019

How's That 'Going By Your Gut' Crap Doing Lately Mr. President?'

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Not too long ago, I was amused by some of Trump's outlandish stunts after he slithered into office.

That ceased midway through 2018 when Trump kicked the last adults out of The West Wing. At that time he doubled down on his "gut instincts" and went against any advise offered by the DOJ, the Pentagon, and lawmakers in Congress.

Baby Trump emerged, full blown, with no restraints. He outwardly rejected (no more behind the scenes shit) what experts in every field told him.

When Dan Coats, the Director for National Intelligence, warned a House committee that North Korea wouldn't give up nukes (a consensus of all the intelligence agencies) Trump was enraged. He called him into the Oval Office and chastised him for telling the truth.

In Trump's imaginary universe (and prophetic gut) he was going to charm the hell out of North Korea's murderous dictator and strike a grand bargain. Of course, that didn't happen.

Leading with his massive belly, Trump went against Congress because he failed to legally negotiate money for his vanity wall, and bypassed them and the Constitution to get the funds he was demanding.

The House quickly passed a resolution against Trump's attempted end run around the law, and now it sits in the senate waiting for a vote that must come. Not even McConnell can stop it from being voted on.

The result is the Senate Republicans must choose to back his illegal money grab, or vote against it. Those running for re-election in moderate districts are faced with a tough choice.

Back Trump and don't get re-elected in 2020. Stand up to his naked power grab and get more votes in their districts.

Trump seems oblivious to the ramifications his gut has cost him thus far. He continues to tell us how smart he is (a stable genius), but has taken legal action to prevent anyone from ever revealing his grades while in school.

Whenever he talks about our armed forces, Trump doesn't miss a chance to claim he knows more than his generals do.

Refusing to accept what the intelligence agencies and the Pentagon tells him about countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia, and North Korea, Trump's sticks to the call of his gut.

At America's expense.

I find it odd that Trump has no problem believing Putin, Kim, or Xi despite what our intelligence agencies are telling him.

Thus far, it doesn't look like his gut has gotten any public victories yet. When he shut the government down after a temper tantrum (and presumably upon advise from his gut), he suffered a humiliating political loss.

So, my question for Trump is really simple (so he can understand it): How's that going by your gut crap doing lately?"

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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