Thursday, February 28, 2019

Americans Exposed To Two Split Screen Realities - Which Will Make History?

Good Day World!

I added popcorn to my morning coffee yesterday while watching Trump's ex-fixer make Republican members of congress squirm in a House committee meeting.

The show didn't disappoint me. It was political theatre at it's worst. 

Meanwhile, I had to flip the dial and see what Donny and Kim were doing in Hanoi. After all the summit was a newsworthy event.

The really big news was Trump dropped the demand for full nuclear accounting, which of course blows the crap out of the whole American mission of fully verifiable denuclearization so America (and the world) could avoid a nuclear war.

There were some photo ops, they had dinner together, and both conspired to keep Western reporters at a distance for two really sad reasons.

One, someone from AP or Reuters dared to ask Trump about Cohen meeting with the House committee, and Kim about denuclearization.

Two, Sarah (suck ass) Sanders said that the way Western reporters habit of shouting questions made Kim uneasy. In particular Trump's best buddy in the press, Jim Acosta, was pointed out as an offender.

It was a spilt screen day that will probably go down in history as historic.

The question is which event will change the course of America's history? 

One more thing, Republican Matt Gaetz is under investigation by the Florida State Bar over the Cohen Threat.

Some Republicans have been trying to show they loyalty, like this asshole Gaetz. I hope this makes those morons think twice when Gaetz's career is ruined over this blatant partisan attack.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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