Tuesday, February 26, 2019

I'm Tired of 'Big Week Ahead' Media Annoucements

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My epiphany this morning, as I slowly drained my first cup of java, was I'm sick and tired of news accounts warning the weary public that some real shit lies ahead and maybe they should get under their beds.

I know why news outlets do this.

They know the promise of upcoming scandals leaves a lot of viewers/listeners salivating for stimulating sensational stories.

Anyone can do a little research and point out upcoming events. It's easy. The artistic part of the "Big Week Ahead" is how editor's and publishers pick out partisan events and tailor them for their selected audience.

One publication can pick out every possible negative story about Trump, and another can do the polar opposite and praise him as the Second Coming regardless of what he does each week.

Somewhere, wedged in between and on Page Three, there's the rest of the news. The non-political news where events are factually reported on by accredited journalists.

I have to admit that I even used the "Big News Ahead" tagline in this blog. In my defense, I either tried to give a balanced accounting, or was right upfront that I was going after someone in a partisan attack.

As of this morning, I'm no longer going to promise wild weeks ahead because it's apparent to me everyone in America knows that in the Age of Trump.

In actuality we face months of earth-shattering events during the last half of Trump's regime. Political earthquakes are going to divide the country further as damning facts about Trump and his minions continue to emerge.

I'm just going to try and take it day-by-day. It's easier. There's less to worry about. I suggest you do the same.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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