Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Only Voter Fraud that I See Has Been Done By The GOP

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A favorite lie often repeated by the GOP is that there's massive voter fraud going on in the country. 

They trot that lie out on every election cycle.

They claim Democrats cheat nearly every election cycle. It's become a broken mantra with no reality in it's telling.

The fact is there has never been proof of massive voter fraud in any American election. The GOP use that lame excuse to tighten up on voters rights, and make it harder for certain segments of our society to vote.

Trump enabler Mitch McConnell stomped around on the Senate floor yesterday when confronted with the results of an election in North Carolina.

To my great amusement, McConnell blamed the Democrats for the Republican attempt to steal the election. Only someone out of touch with reality and on partisan steroids would make such a ludicrous statement.

Turns out McConnell was conflating voter fraud ― illegal voters trying to manipulate the outcome of an election ― with a case of ballot fraud where someone tried to manipulate the votes of legitimate voters. Either McConnell doesn't know the distinct differences between election/ballot fraud, or he was purposely lying. My vote is he was lying because that's what Trump followers do. It didn't matter though. McConnell's mission was to salvage something out of the whole stinking mess, so he spun a story that makes the GOP base feel better about what happened. His comment came just days after the bipartisan North Carolina Board of Elections unanimously ordered a new congressional election for the seat Republican Mark Harris led by 905 votes after November's contest.

Turns out thousands of absentee votes were harvested by an operative for Harris. In other words, the SOB was caught cheating!

When confronted by the committee looking into the election, Harris admitted his son warned him not to hire the man who harvested the ballots. After shedding crocodile tears (of remorse?) Harris said there should be another election.

The good news? Harris won't be running again as he excused himself for "health reasons." Whatever that means.

After years of crying wolf, the GOP just got bit in the ass! No matter how McConnell spins it.

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