Sunday, February 24, 2019

Campaign Cons: Hanoi Meet With Kim/Trump Another Bigly Photo Op

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Historians correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Trump was the first president ever elected that announced he was running for re-election the day after he was sworn into office.

It didn't bode well for the country then, and after two years of setting up international photo ops with dictators, Trump is gearing up his re-election campaign efforts to the determent of the country.

Trump's Art of the Deal ability was always a sham (a ghost writer wrote it) and to prove that he's been unable (and unwilling) to compromise with Congress.

Instead, Trump has attacked every government agency that didn't enable his corrupt plans, and is currently busy making an end run around Congress with his phony Emergency Crisis on the southern border.

Realistically, everyone involved in the upcoming Hanoi meeting knows nothing of substance will come out of it. Trump's plan (somewhere in his tiny brain) is to get Kim to give up his nukes.

That's about as likely to happen as Trump is to quit lying. It isn't going anywhere.

Kim is going to have a hard time concealing his glee at becoming an international star thanks to Trump's interest in him. Before Trump came along no world leaders were giving Kim the time of the day unless he agreed to denuclearization.

To Trump, these international jaunts with dictators is padding for his campaign portfolio. He thinks those visits make him look like a world class deal maker.

The only problem is, after two years he hasn't made a deal with Kim. 

Trump has managed to embarrass Americans with his Surrender in Helsinki - a meeting with Putin that resulted in a secret conversation that left our intelligence community in the cold. 

An update to that infamous chat: The House is looking at getting the transcript of the interrupter (Marina Gross) that was in the room. 

None of this will be mentioned in Trump's re-election campaign. 

Instead his minions will pass out photos of Trump's grip-and-grin tour of the international community. They might even put together a glossy picture yearbook of sorts for those Trump supporters who can't read.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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