Saturday, September 1, 2018

Giuliani Prepares Fake Report To Exonerate Trump

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In a desperation attempt to protect Trump against Mueller's eventual findings, his crazed lawyer, Rudy Giuliana, is making up a report refuting everything he thinks Mueller will bring up.

It's another case of alternate reality in the Trump era where "truth isn't truth" and lies are the coin of the realm. Mind you, Giuliana isn't exactly sure what Mueller is going to expose, but he's preparing preemptive strikes on what he suspects is going to be revealed.

The report - whether he shares it before Mueller's, or after - is really for Trump's minions. The mainstream media will greet it for what it is...pure bullshit! It's going to rival Alice in Wonderland...and will be dubbed Trump in the Swamp, even as Giuliani stands at street corners passing it out for free. 

This "report" is going to be about as credible as a stuffed crocodile terrorizing New York's infamous sewers. I suspect Trump's Q Anon followers will read it with a sense of satisfaction. They love conspiracies, and I'm sure Giuliani won't disappoint them.

So what's the real purpose of this report Rudy is bragging about?

Simply put, it's a distraction in the news cycle, and meat for his base. He knows damn well that facts will refute his feeble attempts at making up an alternate story for every charge Mueller will file against him.

It's all Rudy has left. Trump has been unhinged after a couple weeks of brutal revelations and everyone who is someone in his circle turning on him. "They Flipped," Trump told one reporter, sounding an awful lot like a mob boss. 

Throw in Trump's recent attitude problem with John McCain's death, and the flag incident that showed the world what a petty bastard he is, and the results are predictable. 

The most recent ABC poll shows Trump's approval rating sinking, and at the worst since he slunk into office in Putin's pocket, in January 2017.

Reality is catching up to the former reality star...expect a spectacular ending.

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