Thursday, August 30, 2018

Midterm Madness: from Mud To Quicksand

Good Day World!

Now that the primaries are over, let the real circus begin.

We'll get to watch as politicians on both sides throw mud - a regular feature of any election - but with a new twist this cycle. 

There'll be quicksand traps set for both sides. All conventional campaigning has gone out the door. In the Trump era truth is not truth and there's alternate realities.

How will voters respond? 

The Republican candidates have chosen to become mini-Trumps, and are counting on Trump's base to win state elections. Each candidate dresses up in a ill-fitting blue Trump suit and a red tie with a MAGA pin on it, and doesn't worry about local issues.
It's all about Trump worship as evidenced by his meeting  with evangelical leaders a few days ago. He warned them of a coming apocalypse if they didn't vote for HIS minions in the midterms.
He even told them the stock market would crash and they'd all be poor if the Republicans lost the House. The thing that got me is the audience sat there and smiled at the Liar-In-Chief, even when he made his false claim about passing some religious legislation favoring evangelical views. That was pure bullshit!

That is America today.

The Democrats are busy stumbling around trying to take a unified approach into the elections, but the party is in the process of splitting. The old vs the new. Rulebooks have been thrown out, along with the power of super-delegates in the newly approved DNC election platform. 
It's a time of seismic change for the party as brash newcomers have been winning primaries against their traditional counterparts in New York and Florida. The change is NOT going smoothly, as Nancy Pelosi tries to hang on to her position of leadership.

Like the Republican party, the Democrats are undergoing a painful transition period in their search for voters. Each side is going to push the limits of their ideologies - how far right, and how far left, in a bid to win.

I guarantee these will be some of the ugliest races you've ever seen. Look what's already happened in Florida on the first day of the campaign for governor: The Republican candidate, a white man, used the term "monkeying around" when referring to his black Democratic opponent.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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