Monday, August 27, 2018

Passing of an Era: Who Will Take John McCain's Place?

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When American patriot, John McCain, took his last breath, it was the end of an era.

An era when compromise was possible. An era when the free press was not called the "enemy of the people" by the president of the United States.

McCain's passing leaves a hole in the Senate that can't be replaced in the current partisan polarization that's gripped Capitol Hill.

He dared to stand up to Trump's lies and corruption, even as his fellow Republicans stood silently by...complicit in the destruction of conservatism, and the rise of authoritarian rule under Trump.

Conservative pundits are grieving over the death of conservatism under our Liar-In-Chief. They've declared McCain's passing as an end to an era.

Like many Americans, I didn't vote for McCain when he ran for president because I thought he was too conservative. As a combat Vietnam Veteran (1970), I respected him and considered him a hero for not only surviving over five years of torture at the Hanoi Hilton in North Vietnam, but also for his unswaying advocacy for America's veterans.

The thing I was always sure of about McCain, was that he loved America and all it stood for. Where in Congress today can we find someone with half of his stature, and sense of service to country?

I don't know. 

I've read that his wife Cindy may fill in until 2020, when the seat will be up for grabs again. That remains to be seen. If she does, I suspect she'll continue her father's legacy of standing up to Trump.

Maybe, she'll be able to inspire a spirit of compromise in congress. Frankly, I don't see anyone else even trying to.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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