Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Now You See It, Now You Don't: Trump's Trade Deals

Good Day World!

Yesterday, Trump made a big deal about a PRELIMINARY trade deal with Mexico. 

To hear him you might have thought it was a done deal...guess what?

Not even close.

I'm going to throw some cold water on Trump's attempt to gain some positive press through rhetorical sleight-of-hand.

1) Mexico won't make a deal unless Canada is involved. Period. Trump hinted that he may sign a separate deal with Mexico (another stupid assumption very much like the Mexican government paying for his beloved wall).

2) The deal has to be signed before Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has to step down and give way to Mexico's new president on December 1st. 
Without his signature, Trump can't go to congress for approval of the proposed new deal. 

3) The same goes for Canada's Prime Minister. He needs to sign on. With only three days left for the US and Canada to iron out their differences, American negotiators realize the clock is against them. Canada lawmakers have already indicated they won't be pressured. 

4) If, by some miracle, everyone shakes hands and agrees to go forward on Friday, there's no way congress will vote on the deal before the end of year. 
That would be like expecting a turtle to outrun a jackrabbit. 
Getting a bipartisan agreement in congress has gone the way of the Dodo (Trump) Bird.

5) In addition; Mexico's energy privatization is still a sticking point in Mexico agreeing to the deal. 

Once again Trump expects the American public to buy his bullshit when dealing with trade issues that seem to be getting worse by the day, as the growing tariff war takes its toll on American companies and farmers.

Trump's "Now-you-see it, now you don't" parlor games aren't impressing anyone.

No more than Trump's strategy to suck up to North Korea's dictator when he claimed to have negotiated the greatest deal ever for peace on the Korean peninsula.

If you recall, he told Americans they could sleep good at nights because he saved them from a nuclear holocaust. After Kim made a mockery of that claim, Trump moved on to embarrass the nation at the Surrender in Helsinki for good measure.

Time for me to walk on down the road....

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