Sunday, August 26, 2018

Trump Turns To Alt-Right For Solace Following Week of Scandals

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So what's a wannabee dictator to do when his corruption is being exposed daily?

He meets with conspiracy theorists that attack his detractors. In another embarrassing moment for the presidency, Trump invited one of the leading assholes promoting the outlandish "Q Anon" conspiracy to the Oval Office.

For the record, Q Anon refers to an anonymous account on the notorious image boards and online neo-Nazi coven 4chan/8chan that purports to be a senior military official in the White House.

The story goes that "Q" is exposing a monstrous conspiracy by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Soros, and the "deep state" are preparing to launch a coup against Trump and to conceal an enormous Democrat and Hollywood-run child sex ring.

The leaders live on pedophile island somewhere in the "Q" universes warped minds. This latest conspiracy is so over the top that many Republicans are denouncing it as an embarrassment to the party.

That doesn't bother Trump, however. He spent part of last Thursday posing for photos with YouTuber (and known Q conspiracy nut) Lionel Lebron.

Lebron proudly posted the photos on Instragram and said, "There simply are no words to explicate this profound honor."

I guess not. The president of the United States is legitimizing one of the stupidest conspiracy theories of all time. Afterward Lebron admitted he didn't speak with the president about "Q" but he assured his cult followers in a video that, "I think we all know he knows about it."

Of course he did. Why do you think he invited the lunatic? In a bad week filled with news about his corruption, he needed to seek solace somewhere. 

The day before his photo op with the notorious conspiracy wackaloon, he announced that he ordered his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to "closely study" the large-scale killing of "white farmers" in South Africa, which is a disgusting white supremacist conspiracy theory promoted by neo-Nazis like the Daily Stormer's Andrew Anglin.

Wrapping himself in a web of conspiracies is Trump's security blanket right now. As more damning evidence of corruption unfolds in the coming weeks, expect to see Donny embrace more's all he has left.

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