Saturday, November 24, 2018

We're (almost) Halfway Through the Nightmare

Good Day World!

The humanitarian and governmental blight on our country, products of the Trump era, have two more years - if the orange anus lasts that long.

He's going to have to survive a Democratic House that's gearing up to fillet his fat ass for treason, corruption, emoluments violations, campaign violations, and conspiracy with the Russians.

Toss in Trump's refusal to punish the murderous Saudi Arabian Prince for killing a Washington Post journalist (and American resident), and you have a good argument that our pathetic POTUS has underlying reasons for protecting the corrupt kingdom he's bragged of doing business with in the past.

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Trump will be living in fear for the next two years. And, for good reason.

* Trump fears the independent counsel, whose investigation of Russia's interference in the 2016 election threatens to expose the inner workings of the campaign and of Trump's opaque business empire.

* Trump fears Schiff and other House Democrats he's belittled because they will soon chair powerful committees that will launch their own investigations into Trump's administration and, perhaps, his long-hidden tax returns. 

I realize this reality show nightmare we're living in seems longer than two years we've already suffered through, and the prospect of two more years of Trump motivates some Americans to seek asylum in Canada right now.

But don't give up on America. 

Even if there are two more years of this yammering orange ape, they're going to be Trump's nightmare on steroids. The American people will get to see Trump's trials in the courts and House committees.

In the end, Trump will be fully exposed as a fraud. The greatest fear of his life.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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