Friday, November 23, 2018

Take a Deep Breath... Exhale...It's Friday

Good Day World!

Wow! This week sure flew by.

Holidays are always hectic (my understatement for the day), but this week had more than it's share of madness...

Trump madness! Acting like a dictator!

Our liar in chief decided to verbally attack the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts. In the process he accomplished two things:

1. Besides displaying his appalling ignorance and telling the chief justice to look up laws on the judiciary system, he outed himself as a well-rounded bully trying to discredit the most important court in the land. Nice move for a Fascist, but Trump got ahead of himself this time.

2. When Trump's corruption is exposed, and the time for impeachment comes, John Roberts will be heading up the court's panel to find him guilty, or not guilty. Trump really screwed the pooch on picking this fight.

There's more.

Despite strong evidence from our CIA that bin Salman ordered Jamal Khoshoggi's death, Trump has proclaimed bin Salman innocent because...(if this sounds familiar think the Surrender Summit in Helsinki when Trump stood up for Putin) bin Salman vehemently denied he did it and Trump believes him.

Not our national security community, but the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. The orange anus went on to say, "It's a mean and nasty world out there," in order to qualify the assassination.

Meanwhile, our pathetic excuse for a president signed executive orders to stop giving asylum to immigrants. The 9th District Court stepped up and put a hold on that attempt, calling it unconstitutional. (This is where Trump went after the court system, and John Roberts defended it.) 

The topper was when Trump ordered John Kelly (who is not in the military chain of command) to order Gen. Mattis to arm the troops and shoot to kill if there's any trouble on the border.

This sneaky little move is in direct violation of the Posse Comitatus Act that limits the military to only acting in support of the U.S. Border Patrol, and state and local law enforcement officers. They are not authorized to bear arms against civilians unless the "Insurrection Act" is invoked.

There's more.

Ivanka Trump is now going to be investigated for...wait for it...illegal use of a private email server with government business on it! I'm waiting for the calls to "Lock her up!

Once again, a judge slapped Trump and his propaganda minions down because they continued to threaten journalist Jim Acosta's First and 5th Amendment rights by taking his hard press pass away.

In passing, I should mention the stock market took a beating, wiping out most of the gains for the year. The market is still in free fall today.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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