Sunday, November 25, 2018

An Unholy Match: The Church of Prosperity and Trump

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If we have a national religion in the era of Trump, then it must be the fringe Church of Prosperity, where Jesus tells his followers to pull themselves up by their bootstraps when they're poor. 

From writer Amanda Marcotte's article:

Here's How the Philosophers of Selfishness Came To Use Christianity As Their Cover Story 

"It’s absolutely disgusting how the politicians who make the biggest show of how much they love Jesus would be the first in line to bash him if he returned with a message of clothing the naked and feeding the poor. 

The Jesus of the Bible multiplied the loaves and fishes. His loudest followers these day gripe about feeding people, claiming it creates a “culture of dependency.” 

They may even comb through the Bible to take quotes out of context to justify their selfishness toward the poor, as Rep. Steven Fincher did when he claimed the Bible says, “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.” 

The fact that those jobs are unavailable didn’t give him (Fincher) a moment’s pause when suggesting this very un-Christ-like plan to his fellow Americans."


Here's a passage from author Jeff Sharlett, who wrote: Donald Trump, American Preacher

He (Trump) stands up there and says what we all think,” one attendee said at the rally. “We all want to punch somebody in the face, and he says it for us.”

After a warm-up sermon from a preacher — “He is worthy! He is worthy!” he shouted, meaning both Trump and God — the play list returned to the Stones, mid song, “Let’s Spend the Night Together.” 

Nobody minded the contradiction, sex and the sacred, because it wasn’t a contradiction; it was like the completion of a thought they had all been thinking but hadn’t known how to say out loud: greatness, the end of shame." 

In Summary 

Christianity has been warped to adjust to the 21st century of the gospel which teaches that you can tell how much God favors you by how rich you are.

Yes, some on the Christian right reject the idea as a tad crude, but it's still wildly popular and its adherents, like Oral Roberts, are some of the major architects and organizers for the Christian right.

When a televangelist, Paula White (who is called Trump's spiritual adviser), gave the inauguration invocation America was put on notice:

The die was cast. White, whose former ministry was investigated by the Senate Finance Committee over possible financial improprieties, fit into Trump's world perfectly. 

The rest is history.

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